Newborn baby checklist and how to use a baby registry

Newborn baby checklist – Amazon baby registry

printable newborn baby checklist

To help you get everything you need to welcome your baby into the world, we’ve compiled this newborn baby checklist of all the baby essentials with links to the specified products so you can easily find them and add them to your shopping cart.

Or you can download the printable version of our newborn baby checklist here, you can add items, customize it with your own notes and take it with you into shops.

Everything from stroller to plug socket covers.

Amazon baby registry 

We have chosen the Amazon baby registry as it is very easy to use and you can find here everything you need with excellent quality and a great price/quality ratio.

You can click on the “Buy now” button and it will take you to that product on the Amazon page where you can checkout or you can add it to your amazon baby registry, click the button on the right side of the page “Add to Amazon Baby Registry”.

Then click on the “Share with Friends” tab located at the top of your baby registry. You have the option to send an e-mail with the direct link to your baby registry to one person, or an entire group of people.

Your friends can pick items from your list, pay for them, and those items will be shipped to your address. It’s that simple.


Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry


Newborn baby checklist

Traveling Qty. Shop
Stroller /Pushchair / Pram 1 We recommend:
Car seat 1 Buy now
Baby carrier 1 Buy now
Changing bag  – some strollers have one included 1 Buy now
Rain cover – some strollers have one included 1 Buy now

Sleeping Qty. Shop
Cot /Crib 1 We recommend:
Cribs reviewed
Cot mattress 1 Buy now
Crib sheet 4 Buy now
Waterproof mattress cover 2 Buy now
Blankets 2 Buy now
Audio /video monitor 1 We recommend:
Monitors reviewed
Musical mobile 1 Buy now
Night light 1 Buy now

Feeding Qty. Shop
Bottles and teats 3+ Buy now
Bottle sterilizer 1

We recommend:

Sterilizers reviewed

Bottle warmer 1 Buy now
Bottle cleaning brush 1 Buy now
Burp cloths 3+ Buy now
Breast pump 1 Buy now
Highchair 1 Buy now

Bathing Qty. Shop
Baby bathtub 1 Buy now
Bath thermometer 1 Buy now
Hooded towels or soft baby towels 2+ Buy now
Baby shampoo/body wash 1 Buy now

Changing Qty. Shop
Changing table – some cribs come with one 1 Buy now
Changing mat 1 Buy now
Diapers 90+ Buy now
Tissues and wet wipes 1+ Buy now
Nappy rash cream 1 Buy now

Clothing Qty. Shop
Sleep suit 3+ Buy now
Body suits 6+ Buy now
Cardigans 3+ Buy now
Hats 2 Buy now
Short-sleeved bodysuits 3+ Buy now
Long-sleeved grow-suits 3+ Buy now
Scratch mitts 5 Buy now
Socks 5 Buy now

Other Qty. Shop
Nasal aspirator 1 Buy now
Room thermometer 1 Buy now
Digital thermometer 1 We recommend:
Thermometers reviewed
Nail clippers 1 Buy now
Rocker/glider 1 Buy now
Nursing pillow 1 Buy now
Pacifier / Dummy 2 Buy now
Lightweight rattles 2 Buy now
Teething toys 2 Buy now
Play mats 1 Buy now
Plug socket covers for all plugs Buy now

You can browse through our selected pushchairs, baby prams, strollers, baby buggies, baby cribs reviews and pick the one that suits your needs and your life style.

Pushchairs, strollers, buggies, with so many types, so many specifications you can get lost in details. Our best strollers / buggies reviews and buying guide should help you in finding the perfect one for you and your baby. Same goes for our reviewed pram, pushchairs, cribs and small accessories, such as baby monitors, bottle sterilizers, thermometers …

The baby products we had chosen to review have a great price/quality ratio.

For advice on all the essentials of baby care and pregnancy and parenting tips, just browse our How to & Must know page to find advice on all the essentials of baby care, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, changing diapers, and washing your baby.

  • breastfeeding, bottle feeding
  • changing diaper
  • bathing your baby
  • how to cope with a crying baby and get tips on settling them into a good sleep routine
  • possible changes to your body and your relationships
  • know how to spot the symptoms of postnatal depression
  • sleep issues
  • accessories and small baby gear
  • how to keep your baby safe and what to do if they have an accident
  • at about six months old your baby will need to start solid foods, so be prepared with our weaning tips and first food ideas
  • as your baby becomes a toddler, get tips on teething, the importance of play, temper tantrums and potty training
  • collecting baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth is still a hot topic. We’ve tried to explain the procedure and benefits as clear and concise as possible without leaving out any important information.

If you would like to add to our Newborn baby checklist, please leave a comment.

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