Advantages of an air humidifier in the baby’s room

What are the advantages of an air humidifier during winter and why it is needed in the baby’s room

The winter is approaching, and with it, we close the windows well and go to the plant or light the fire in the stove to protect ourselves from the cold outside. Let us not forget, however, that a dry and warm air does not do well to our airways. Here comes the advantages of an air humidifier.

In recent years, the air humidifier has become more and more popular among fresh moms because it helps to balance moisture. It is mainly used in cold periods requiring heating of the sleeping room.
When we breathe a warm and very dry air nose and throat irritation occurs, especially in infants, and this results in nocturnal cough and nasal obstruction.

Therefore, humidification of the air during the night, in dry heat conditions, is beneficial especially for babies, but also for older or even older children.

In order to maintain proper humidity, various pots of water were used before, but now the most common method is to plug a humidifier. It releases in the room nebulised water, which is very fine water vapors that improves humidity and thus protects the nasal mucus and the airways.

It does not change the room temperature, it only regulates the humidity level, which should be between 45 and 55% indoors. However, heating with a radiator or stove can result in a drastic decrease, reaching just under 30%.

And when we have respiratory problems, doctors recommend using various nasal drops, but they are not beneficial for children younger than 2 years of age. Thus, the more a air humidifier is needed in the baby’s room.

How to use a air humidifier in the baby’s room

To make the most out of the Advantages of an air humidifier they must be chosen and used properly.

Typically, the devices on the market are divided into two categories: hot steam and cold steam.

Doctors recommend the latter because they do not heat the air and the risk of injury (burns) is lower. However, air humidifier are not at all cheap. Prices start at $20 depending on the manufacturer and design. In most the technology is based on ultrasound. Some are even provided with various filters that keep clean water, including silver ions that purify the air.

The devices are quite small, silent and have a sensor that automatically stops the emission of vapors when there is no more water in the tank. This must be changed daily and the container cleaned according to instructions, possibly with vinegar and chlorine.

At the same time, air humidifiers can also have certain parts that need to be replaced periodically – filters, reserves, etc. You may not know, but viruses develop better in a dry environment, so a air humidifier might even prevent children from getting sick.

But be careful what kind of water you use, its hardness and the mineral content, the most recommended being distilled water. Note, however, that a air humidifier is not the magical solution capable of eliminating colds for good. This device will only improve your comfort during the night and will help everyone in the house breathe easier.

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