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Choosing the baby crib will be a test of resistance for many future parents. There are so many options to consider. The color, the theme of the room (if any), the material from which it is made, the dimensions, the pattern. However, beyond the design aspects, the baby crib must be safe.

The crib is the place where the baby spends most of his time in the first months of his life. Then, even with the discovery of walking when he will descend from it more and more, the favorite piece of furniture remains the crib until 2-3 years when he is moved to the big child’s bed.

What details need to be taken into account when buying a baby crib?

    • Dimensions of the room – if you do not have too much space available, you can consider a folding crib that you can tighten when your baby gets bigger and needs more space to stretch his toys. This type of crib is also indicated if you have many trips to make.
    • Stability – in the first months, the baby will not test the stability of the baby crib, but as it grows, it will jump, climb, dance, pull. It’s good to shake it a little in the store to see how tough it is.

  • Mattress – the higher the budget for the mattress, the greater the headaches you will have. The market offers you dozens of variants for material, pouch, thickness, pattern, weight. Ideally, the mattress should be as strong as possible to keep the baby straight.
  • The material – baby cribs are made of wood, textile, plastic or metal. Take special note of the materials used because most children get used to chewing the frame when they start to teeth. The paint could reach into their mouth, which could even endanger their lives
  • Frame size -regardless of the model, you should keep in mind that you cannot have free space between the frame and the mattress. Between the two should not fit more than two fingers to meet the safety standards.
  • The grill bars – between the bars of the grid must not be more than 6 cm. In modern baby cribs, this should not be a problem, but if you choose a used crib, you should measure it to make sure your baby will not get blocked in between. If the front grid is mobile, make sure it is always locked when raised to prevent accidents.
  • Versatility – many baby cribs are designed to be converted into regular beds. Before choosing a transformable one, for which you will pay extra, make sure that the new piece of furniture will please you on the long term. Also, check if the change is easy, possibly looking for reviews of those who bought the bed before of you.
  • Height adjustable – most baby cribs allow the height of the mattress to be adjusted so that as the baby grows, it will be positioned as low as possible. When the baby is alone, leave the mattress at the lowest level to avoid falling. Take care that this step is made easy and support is safe.
  • Assembling the crib – however stable it may be, if you forget a screw or a piece, is not fixed properly and it can cause a disaster. If parts are missing, contact the manufacturer to recover them.

best convertible baby crib beds reviews 2017

Where do we put the baby crib?

Once installed, it is recommended to position it away from windows or cables. Bigger children can climb the windows, cling to the curtains or wrap the wires around their neck.

Another danger can be represented by other nearby furniture pieces that the child can use as escape support. It may seem fun to see him escalating, but think he can do this when you are not around and can fall. It is also good that the crib is not placed near a heat source.

Types of Baby Cribs

The standard Crib

You see him everywhere, made of wood with a grill all around him, is the baby crib model where baby generations have been sleeping for more than 100 years.

It also has a lot of variants: with grill on all 4 sides, with grill just in the front and plywood on the other or other combinations of this type. Some are swinging, others are fixed.


  • In this category are usually the cheapest baby cribs
  • It is very resistant over time
  • Robust construction


  • It’s hard to move from one place to another
  • Lack of versatility

The transformable baby crib

And these have been on the market for decades and are known as beds that grow with the baby. They can transform from baby cribs to a small baby bed and then into a bed of one person for the time the child reaches school age.

If you choose this option, pay attention to the fact that it may be necessary to have a transformation kit to be purchased separately. Make a purchase with your bed, because you may not be able to find it in 5-6 years when you need it.


  • The cost-time ratio is very good
  • You will use one single bed for a long period of your child’s life
  • It is very resistant
  • They have a classic design that does not let them betray the year they were made


  • It is more expensive than other baby cribs
  • If you want to change the rest of the furniture over the years, you have to rethink about it all
  • Skill is needed to make the transformations from one stage to the next
  • The transformation kit requires storage space

The foldable baby crib

For those who do not have very spacious housing can be the perfect solution because they can move from one room to another. It is also very helpful if you want to work in a room other than that of the baby.

You simply fold the bed and take it where you need it so you can watch the baby. Some have wheels as well, so their move is even easier. However, keep in mind that the flooring or carpeting can suffer from the wheels.


  • Allows baby supervision anywhere
  • Ideal for small houses


  • The wrists should be constantly checked
  • Design limitations
  • Even if the cot is folding, the mattress does not, and you will need a storage space for it.
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The travel baby crib

It is usually the second baby crib and is preferred by those who travel a lot and want the baby to have a familiar environment.


  • It is made of very light materials
  • Easily mounted
  • Carry easily
  • It can also be taken on the plane


  • It does not have the robustness of the standard couch
  • It can be easily broken
  • It is not suitable for long-term use

The multipurpose baby crib

It incorporates another piece of furniture, usually a cupboard and a table to be wrapped.


  • You save space because the built-in piece of furniture is usually smaller than a classic one
  • Quickly mounts


  • In order not to occupy much space, many additional functional elements are removed
  • It’s bigger than a standard crib


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What are we allowed to put in the baby crib?

Apart from the mattress and bed sheet, the baby does not need anything else to fall asleep. Deflectors that have been greatly used in the past are now blamed for choking. Babies can cling to their hands and, if the defenders are not caught well enough, they can detach and wrap themselves in them.

Also, instead of the blanket, use a sleeping bag specially designed for babies. The pillow is also forbidden and pediatricians recommend avoiding using it as the baby is small.

When we give up the baby crib?

There is no particular age. Most parents move their children to a normal bed around the age of two. Some choose to do this when the baby becomes too big for the baby cot or when it easily climbs the frame. However, the child will tell you yourself when he no longer wants to stay in it.

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