Your baby’s skin needs special care

The baby’s skin matures after birth, adapting to the transition from the fluid environment of the womb to the dry-out environment.

Its skin is different from the adult skin: it is thinner, it is made up of smaller cells, has a higher water content and dehydrates much more easily. Therefore, it needs special care.

The bath. How often and how?

Babies bathe each day, regardless of the season, with hot water and products specially designed for them. Water temperature is very important for babies to feel comfortable.

A temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius makes the child feel comfortable and at the same time it helps to keep the body heat after bathing, which makes the bath a positive experience.

Other rules to follow:

  • the water in the bathtub must not exceed the baby’s shoulders
  • the bath should not last longer than 10 minutes for babies up to 6 months old
  • the bath begins with scalp scrubbing, then we continue with body parts using special baby products.
  • to clean the face, use a cotton wool dipped in water

After bath. How to care for the baby’s skin?

The baby’s skin dries well with a soft towel, with light buffing. Apply a lotion or moisturizing oil. This is a perfect time for a massage.

Mother’s tender touches will be greatly appreciated by the baby and will benefit from multi-sensory stimulation. Studies show that repetitive, consistent, predictable and gentle experiences, such as routine during and after bathing, promote the healthy development of the baby’s brain.

What baby bath products do we use?

It is recommended that the products we use in baby skin care are specially designed for their needs: no perfume, not irritating to the eyes, moisturizing and with a neutral pH. Baby skin dehydrates 2 times faster than adult skin, so besides fluid hydration, baby skin needs moisture from the outside.

The Johnson’s Baby range delivers confidence, delicate and velvety care for the baby’s skin, and the products are as gentle to baby’s skin as pure water and are suitable even for newborns.

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