Best baby high chair – how to choose it

Best baby high chair guide

Choosing the best baby high chair for your child is a very important decision, but once you have decided on the product’s features and set your budget, the situation will no longer look so complicated.

best baby high chair

Choose the best baby high chair

Your little one will be ready for his new high chair around the age of six months, which will of course, coincide with the diversification of food. However, there are parents who opt for buying a high chair earlier. The reasoning is simple: a baby can sit in the kitchen with Mom when preparing dinner, for example.

The features of a safe high chair

As a parent, you need to be very careful when you choose the baby high chair. To be the best baby high chair it must:

  • it has a divider (bar) that passes through the baby’s feet to avoid slipping under the tray. The stability of the table seat is given by a broad base wheels/stops and locking mechanisms.
  • a wheelchair is extremely convenient because it can be moved more easily than one that does not have it. But keep in mind: regulations stipulate that these child seats are fitted with 2 wheels and 2 stops, avoiding the possibility of an unfortunate accident, as you forget to activate the wheel lock mechanism.
  • adjusting the seat height and the backrest inclination: an adjustable seat can help you position it comfortably to keep it as your father when you feed your little one. An adjustable backrest gives the baby sleep-friendly breaks as he falls asleep immediately after being fed.
  • seat belts: always look for a 5-point seat cushion.
  • pouch: Ideal are the high chair whose detachable covers are made of PVC so you can clean them as easily and quickly as possible.
  • tape: this must be as strong and as strong as possible. Check it before, so that it can not be removed by the child when it is positioned in the stool.
  • a double tray is all the more useful: one will use it to feed the little one, and the other will use it as a toy holder.

Safety rules to consider when you choose the best baby high chair:

Ensure that the seat has been correctly fitted and that it does not risk closing itself.

  • It is time to place your child at the table: make sure they are not near an open flame or sharps / sharp objects.
  • Do not place the child near a wall or surface that he or she might use to push.
  • Do not use tablecloths. The baby could pull on them, and the products placed on the table (hot drinks, for example) could have serious consequences on the child’s safety.
  • Do not allow the child to play around the table because there is a possibility that the child may fall and injure him/her self.
  • Do not leave the child alone unattended in the high chair and do not allow him to install himself on the stool.
  • When placing the child in the high chair, make sure that the baby’s fingers are not around the closing mechanisms of the trays or the seat itself.
  • Do not place the high chair on slippery, wet or uneven surfaces.

Chicco designed products that guarantee the comfort and safety of children, giving them a full range of high chairs.

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