How to choose the best nose cleaner for your baby

What type of nose cleaner is suitable and what features should it have?

Of all the things that can ruin a baby’s day, a runny nose is one of the most unpleasant. Unfortunately, your baby still does not know how to blow his nose.

To help unblock your baby’s nose, you need help, and this help is the best nasal aspirator.

A nasal vacuum cleaner is a small appliance that uses suction to extract the mucus from your baby’s nose.

These items are inexpensive, extremely easy to use and can completely clean your baby’s nose in only 30 seconds.

Nasal aspirators available on the market are of several ways. In the following we will present the main types of nasal aspirators together with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pear shaped nose cleaner

Squeeze the rubber pear to remove the air from inside. Put the tip of the nose cleaner into the baby’s nose and let it go. The rubber pear will come to the initial shape by absorbing air and most importantly, the mucus from the nose.

Also known as Pump Nasal Cleaners this type of nasal vacuum cleaners are the most common. But why? Because this type of nasal aspirator is frequently used in hospitals and often given to new mothers.

It’s used by doctors in the hospital, so it should be the best nasal aspirator, right? Wrong!

Nasal aspirators are the most used because they are very cheap. Cheap and easy to replace. These two features recommend pump nasal aspirators for use in hospitals. But are they the most suitable choice for home use? Not really.

Baby nose cleaner with human suction

This type of nasal aspirator works on the basis of human aspiration. I mean, it is driven by the parent’s mouth.

One end of the device is inserted into the baby’s nose and the other end is operated with the mouth by the parent or other nose cleaner

You could say this is scarce, because no one wants to swallow a booger. That is not a problem, because the absorbed mucus does not reach the mouth, but is collected in a specially placed reservoir on the tube.

But what do we do about microbes?
Your baby’s nose probably flows very hard because it’s cold. You probably do not want to contract the colds too.

Fortunately, any quality nasal aspirator that is powered by human force has a special, replaceable filter specially designed to prevent microbes from getting from the baby to the parent.

Electric baby nose cleaner

This type of nasal cleaner does not require squeezing, sucking or any other kind of human action. Simply press a button, insert it into the baby’s nose and wait for the mucus to fully release the nasal passages.

Electrically powered nasal aspirators offer continuous absorption, so even the most stubborn mucus will be absorbed with precision.

It seems too easy. What is the disadvantage?
Although the absorption of the electric vacuum nozzles is continuous and constant, it may not be the strongest. Manufacturers are forced to intentionally set an absorption power limit and the absorption power can not be adjusted.

As a consequence, electric nasal vacuum cleaners work best with thin mucus.

Although some models of nasal vacuum cleaners have socket adapters, most work with batteries. Like any other battery-powered device, it can be frustrating to get powerless even in the middle of a baby’s nose decongestant operation.

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