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Baby swing buyer’s guide

In the first years of your baby’s life, when the need to take care of him/her must be reconciled with your other responsibilities, a baby swing could come as a heavenly hand. Or, at least, it would seem the perfect escape in busy days, when baby attention will be supplemented by a cradle that imitates the movement in the uterus.

The size, the type of movement, how much space you occupy, how many harnesses are there are just a few of the issues to consider when you ask yourself where to find baby swings at good prices. We know you want to buy him/her the best, but whatever your preference is, try to ask the baby first, after all he is the one who will use it.

So before you decide on a product, put the little one in the cradle of some friends or take it with you shopping if possible and see which one he will conquer. And to ensure the quality of the swing, see the the list of features we’ve prepared for you, which will help you make the perfect choice.

Baby swing type

The type splits the baby swings into stand-alone swings, portable swings and hybrid swings, which lend functions to the first two types. In order to decide which one to choose, we advise you to consider your mobility needs as well as the space required for swing.

The stand-alone swing is more voluminous and can accommodate a baby weighing up to 12 kilograms. It’s the option we recommend if you plan to keep it in one room and let your child play quietly as you do other things. They usually occupy a lot of space, although some of them can fold, making it easier to move or store when the little one does not need a swing. The play can be arranged in any room where there is plenty of space, and according to most beliefs about the best swings for the baby, the right place for the swing is in the kitchen, living room or even at the playground of the other siblings. This way, the baby will always have contact with other people, but be careful not to be disturbed by other older siblings who would easily get to him.

The portable cradles are smaller, lighter and much closer to the ground than the other swings and can accommodate a baby from birth until it weighs 10-12 pounds. Surely, the advantage is that you can take them with you in any room so you can watch the baby all the time, but it can also be helpful when you go somewhere, for example, visiting some friends. The design of these baby swings is simpler and comes with fewer special features than other parts. They also occupy a smaller space, but if you have smaller children or animals, you need to pay more attention, as the cradle is closer to the ground, and the smaller one may be easier to bother and wake up from sleep.

Hybrid models include aspects of traditional cradles and other more modern ones, such as the type of seat movement. These can be portable or fixed, but the rest of the functions are largely dependent on the manufacturer. The hybrid swing does not occupy much space, but it is much harder, since it has components added from both types of swings. It may be the most viable option for you, but you have to prepare for a more serious investment if you want to buy such a baby swing. This is explained by the fact that hybrid swings are equipped with more modern and varied options, which accommodates the baby much better.

Baby swing power source

The power source includes battery or power cord. The traditional cradles, at the time of their appearance, were moved in a manual manner. These baby swings are a financially advantageous option but in recent years, more and more manufacturers have ceased to manufacture them, so they are harder to find.

More modern variants have been built to help you and do not require your presence permanently next to your baby. Thus, their electric motor can be fed according to your preferences and what you think is safer for the child and, of course, you have to keep in mind how often you use the baby swing.

A battery baby swing may prove to be a more expensive investment in time, as you will have to buy new batteries. Usually, such a battery can last for more than 10 hours, which may seem satisfactory if you plan to keep the baby in the cradle for only one hour a day. But that also means that you need a new battery every ten days.

Power cord swings are more expensive than the battery type models, but you will not have to worry about it going out of power. An aspect, both favorable and disadvantageous, is the “hum” of the motor, which some babies can calm down, while the most disturbing can irritate them and can spoil their sleep.

Baby swing movement type

Most baby swings offer a repetitive swing movement, but there are cradles that offer left-right movement. Also, there are swings provided with several levels of speed, which just by trying, from the first level to the last one, you can find out which one is your child’s favorite. Most manufacturers recommend their use from the first few months of life and until the baby is big enough to sit alone, but you do not have to let your baby become accustomed to the movement of the swing because it may become addicted to it.

Child safety

It is, without a doubt, the most important aspect. When you start to ask yourself where I can find a baby swing at a good price. A stable and sturdy swing is the one that has a wide base and is as close as possible ground to prevent the seat from flipping over if the baby moves a lot. Also, be sure that the cradle has at least three safety harnesses that prevent the child from slipping out of the chair. If it is equipped with five harnesses, it is even better, as the other two harnesses will be attached above the child’s shoulders, tightening it.

Another important aspect for the safety of the baby is the position of the seat. In the first few months, the way the little one’s head is held is essential, and a chair that is tilted is only good to keep the head of the little one in the right position. If you want a swing that lasts for a few years, you can purchase one with several levels of seat adjustment, which will adapt to the height of the child and its needs. And for the little one to sit comfortably, look for a swing with a lining fitted with lining.

Special Features

Modern baby swing models can be true entertainment centers for your child. Most are provided with trays, toys, phones, games of light and even music. On some more high-performance swings, there is even space to connect an MP3, allowing parents to give their little ones any kind of music they think will calm the baby.

Bright Starts Butterfly Dreams Portable Swing


Just a quick look at the features of the Bright Stars Swing and you will easily realize that it is the best swing for the baby. It’s first of all a small portable cradle that will not take a lot of room in your house and you can take it with you when you go somewhere to visit. The product is fitted with four batteries that will ensure a steady movement, and you will be able to increase in intensity, according to the preference of the small one, with True Speed ​​Technology, which gives you six leaping speeds.

The cradle can be used from the very first months of the baby, and the large bed is roomy even when the baby is about 9 months old. Moreover, the seat can be adjusted in two positions, thus ensuring the comfort of the little one. You do not even have to worry that the engine sound will disturb the baby’s sleep, as the whisper Quiet tune makes the cradle function silent. The child’s safety falls into the five-point grip belt, which also takes care of the child’s comfort, as the five belts unite in a wide piece of material that will avoid irritating the skin of the little one. Moreover, the cradle materials are non-allergenic and soft, suitable for the delicate skin of the baby.

The pink color of the frame and the pastel colors along with the patterns printed on the saddle (butterflies, popcorn) make the leash attractive and interesting for girls. It’s also an interactive and funny swing, thanks to the bar that holds the two toys, but can be down and down to allow you easier access to the baby. The cradle is also easy to maintain because it allows cleaning the cushion for sitting on the washing machine and is collapsible, so you can store it in order not to take your seat in the house when you do not need it.


  • It has a pleasant look, due to pastel colors (pink, blue, green) and flower and flyer prints, being attractive for your little girl.
  • It has a bar with two funny and interactive toys that will entertain the little one.
  • It is equipped with a five-point fastening system, which joins in a wide strip, taking care not to inflict the baby.
  • The seat is adjustable and can be adjusted in two positions, ensuring child comfort.
  • The swing’s movement is constant and can be increased in intensity up to six times.
  • Folds, so you can store it easily.
  • It’s portable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere.


  • It requires four batteries, which you will need to change periodically.


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