Irritation and rhinitis to babies caused by laundry detergents

Detergents can cause irritation and rhinitis to babies! How to effectively wash the baby’s clothes?

Baby clothes need careful care because they come into direct contact with the sensitive skin and if they are not properly washed can cause irritation or nasal obstruction and even chronic rhinitis. In such a situation, we need to eliminate the cause. Also, the nursing mother’s clothes should receive the same special treatment.

With the baby’s birth, washing clothes will become a frequent practice and there are some tips to keep in mind so that they are soft to the touch and do not cause skin irritation or nasal obstruction. Babies have a very sensitive skin and can easily dehydrate, and then their perspiration in contact with various chemicals can react.

Care products can easily penetrate fine skin and cause poisoning, allergies, local reactions of all kinds. Sweet and detergent residue can also cause allergic reactions.

How to wash baby clothes?

Babies have very sensitive skin. All the clothes they wear, including socks and hats, must be washed in a very delicate manner. They will also be washed many times because the little ones are used to regurgitate, spit on food and to stain them with all sorts of things.

Another reason you must pay attention to their washing is to make sure that the clothes can be worn for a long time.

Read carefully the baby’s clothes label before washing them

Baby clothes have labels with different care modes. Make sure you read them all carefully and check the instructions for washing water temperature, washing mode – manually or with your washing machine, but also how flameproof you are. Sorts baby clothes to be washed Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, sort them.

You can arrange them in color, colorful and light or white, but you can also sort them according to the temperature of the water to be washed. Diapers should also be washed separately from other clothes and at a higher temperature.

Use special laundry detergents for baby clothes

The baby’s skin, as I said, is extremely sensitive, so if you use a special detergent for your baby’s clothes, it can make a difference. Thus, his clothes will remain soft and silky and will not cause irritation on the skin, you may need a special stain removing product. So choose a special one for sensitive skin. Ordinary laundry detergents contain chemicals and perfume that can cause irritation and rhinitis to children.

As a rule, everything that contains preservatives, very fragrant substances that can aggravate the skin of the children should be avoided. What we like, as an adult, that smells very nice is aggressive for a child. Choose smells that are as natural as those that do not contain fragrances or other aggressive substances.

A great solution when you wash your clothes is to rinse them twice. Also, make sure to wash the right amount of clothes, not a lot in a single wash and use as much laundry detergents as you indicated on the label.

Make the correct settings for the washing machine

Some more modern laundry machines have special programs for baby clothes. It is good to use this program because it will not destroy the clothes. In addition, make sure to adjust the water temperature at which the clothes will be washed, as indicated on the label.

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